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Society Talks

Date: Speaker: G/M: Title: Status:
15/01/2024 Dave Jones M Asteroids
19/02/2024 Gary Poyner G Stella Nova: a Long Road of Discovery
18/03/2024 Dr Steve Barrett M Cosmic Rays
16/01/2023 Dr Steve Barrett M The End of Everything
20/02/2023 Dave Jones M The Planet Mercury
20/03/2023 Dr Steve Barrett M AGM followed by Tri-band Tribulations
17/04/2023 University of Birmingham Space Society G Exploring the Universe:Introduction to the goals and methods of space exploration and the importance of science communication.
15/05/2023 Dr Jenifer Millard G The Hidden Universe with JWST
19/06/2023 Dr Leah-Nani Alconcel G Goodbye Saturn, hello Jupiter: Exploring the outer Solar System with robotic spacecraft
17/07/2023 Sue & Rob Dipple G The Leviathan of Parsonstown - Lord Rosse's Telescope at Birr Castle
21/08/2023 Dr Steve Barrett M Fiat Lux IV - Colour in the Cosmos
18/09/2023 Mike Frost G The Pioneering Women of the BAA
16/10/2023 Professor Nial Tanvir G Gamma-ray bursts - the biggest bangs in the universe
20/11/2023 Michael Morris G Observing the Moon
17/01/2022 Dr Steve Barrett M Dark Matter – Why is it Dark? Does it Matter? V
21/02/2022 Dave Jones M The Planet Venus: Earth's evil twin or just misunderstood.
21/03/2022 Professor Nial Tanvir G The Big Bang theory in practice
04/04/2022 Sue Dipple M AGM + Hamburg Observatory: The Ancestral Home of the Schmidt camera
16/05/2022 Professor Chris Lintott G Where, what and who: Progress in Astronomy's Big Questions
20/06/2022 Sue Dipple M Proud,Thrilled and Happy - The Women who put a Man on the Moon
18/07/2022 Dr Julian Onions G Things that go Bang in the Night (Sky)
15/08/2022 Dr Lee Macdonald G Kew Observatory and the Birth of Solar-Terrestrial Physics
19/09/2022 Mike Frost G Against all the odds: A Patagonian Eclipse
17/10/2022 Professor Amaury Triaud G The Ultracool Dwarf and the Seven Planets
21/11/2022 Dr Alan Watson G Astronomical Neutrinos and Neutrino Astronomy
19/12/2022 Members G Christmas Crackers - Short Presentations by Members
18/01/2021 Dave Jones M Search for Extra- terrestrial life V
15/02/2021 Dr Steve Barrett M ABC of Galaxy Evolution V
15/03/2021 Nigel Ball G Photographing the Northern Lights V
19/04/2021 Dr Steve Barrett M Apollo 13 V
17/05/2021 Dr Lee Macdonald G From cracked mirror to Nobel Prize: the story of the Isaac Newton Telescope V
21/06/2021 Dr Davide Gerosa G Hearing the Universe with Gravitational Waves V
19/07/2021 Mike Frost G Isaac Newton and the Surrey Pumas V
16/08/2021 Dr John Davies G Sample Return Missions to Near Earth Asteroids V
20/09/2021 Sue,Rob & Steve G Wild Astronomy
18/10/2021 Sue Dipple M Members Night
15/11/2021 Gary Poyner G Variable Stars - how and why they vary
20/01/2020 George Carey M Extra-galactic Nova Patrol
17/02/2020 Dr Steve Barrett M The Beginning of Everything
16/03/2020 Dave Jones M Cancelled Covid-19 - Birth of the Solar System C
20/04/2020 Dr Steve Barrett M Cancelled Covid-19 - Apollo 13 C
18/05/2020 Nigel Ball G Cancelled Covid-19 - Photographing the Northern Lights C
15/06/2020 Martin Braddock G Cancelled Covid-19 - Countdown to Mars - Challenges for long duration space travel & colonisation C
15/06/2020 Dr Steve Barrett M Just a Second V
20/07/2020 David Shayler G Cancelled Covid-19 - The ISS-From Here to There C
20/07/2020 Dr Steve Barrett M Unidentified Flying Objects V
17/08/2020 Dr Lee Macdonald G The History of the Isaac Newton Telescope C
17/08/2020 Dave Jones M Birth of the Solar System V
21/09/2020 Mike Frost G Gerhana Mata Hari V
19/10/2020 Dr Paul A Daniels G The Megaconstellation Threat V
16/11/2020 Peter Williamson G The Sun and How it Works V
21/12/2020 Dr Steve Barrett M Science of Santa V
21/01/2019 Dr Steve Barrett M Eclipse of the Sun
18/02/2019 Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell G Transient Astronomy, Bursts, Bangs and Things that go Bump in the Night
18/03/2019 Peter Williamson G Astrophotography with Public Access Telescopes
20/05/2019 Justin Bray G Astronomy in the Fast Lane - Cosmic Rays and Other Sources of Fast Pulses
17/06/2019 Michael Bryce G Celebrating Apollo: 50 Years Since the First Moon Landing
15/07/2019 Richard Hendey G Earth to Quasars
19/08/2019 Dr Steve Barrett M The Great Moon Hoax
16/09/2019 Nigel Ball G Nightscape Photography
21/10/2019 Dr Sean McGee G From Early Ripples to The Milky Way – The Evolution of Galaxies.
18/11/2019 Peter Jenkins G Deep Sky Astrophotography
16/12/2019 Mike Frost G An Arctic Eclipse
15/01/2018 Dr Steve Barrett M Fiat Lux III
19/02/2018 Dr Alan Watson G The Hunting of the Quark (and other fundamental particles)
19/03/2018 Professor Ian Robson G Active Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes
16/04/2018 Dr Steve Barrett M The Lighter Side of Astronomy
21/05/2018 Justin Bray G The High Energy Universe
18/06/2018 Ann Bonell G Percival Lowell & The Canals of Mars
16/07/2018 Richard Hendey G Tycho toPicard ( Moon Walk )
20/08/2018 Dave Jones M Radio Astronomy
17/09/2018 Rob Januszewski M An Amateur Research Programme
15/10/2018 Callum Potter G Globuler Cluster - Galactic Fossils
19/11/2018 Gary Poyner G Variable Stars around the Perseus Cluster
17/12/2018 Dr Steve Barrett M 200 at 70
16/01/2017 Dave Jones M Blackholes: the answer to the ultimate question
20/02/2017 Dr Steve Barrett M Fiat Lux
15/05/2017 Dr Colin Steele G Sundials - The Sky as a Clock
19/06/2017 Mark Gibbons G Johannes Kepler - Why are things as they are, and not otherwise?
17/07/2017 Mike Leggett G From Salyut to the ISS
21/08/2017 Dave Jones M New Perspectives on the Solar System
18/09/2017 Callum Potter G Galaxies
16/10/2017 Dr Steve Barrett M Fiat Lux II
20/11/2017 Mike Frost G Jeremiah Horrocks - A very curious astronomer
18/12/2017 Andrew Lound G A Fire in the Sky
15/02/2016 Dr Steve Barrett M Warping Space and Time
21/03/2016 Mike Frost G Beneath the Shadow of the Moon
16/05/2016 Guy Hurst G UK Nova/Supernova Patrol:From visual to Laptop
18/07/2016 Damian Peach G Photographic Highlights
15/08/2016 Dr Steve Barrett M Ramble Through the Night Sky
19/09/2016 Gary Poyner G OJ+287 - The Monster in the Crab
17/10/2016 Mark Gibbons G Tycho Brahe
21/11/2016 Will Gater G The Science and Spectacle of the Northern Lights
19/12/2016 Dr Steve Barrett M The Star of Bethlehem
16/03/2015 Damian Peach G The Giant Planet Jupiter
18/05/2015 Mike Frost G The Arms of Buddah
20/07/2015 Dr Steve Barrett M Legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope
17/08/2015 Mark Gibbons G Beyond Neptune
21/09/2015 Dr Julian Onions G Galaxies - 1 gigayear at a time
19/10/2015 Guy Hurst G Transients of the Night Sky
16/11/2015 Dr Gabby Proven G A Demonstration of Aurora Planterrella
17/03/2014 Mike Frost G The Green Flash
19/05/2014 Dr Steve Barrett M Dark Matter – Why is it Dark? Does it Matter?
16/06/2014 Mike Merrifield G 21st Century Telescopes
21/07/2014 David Whitehouse G Galileo - The Real Story
18/08/2014 Dr Frazer Clarke G Why Size always Matters
15/09/2014 Malcolm Mitchell G Magnetism of the Planets & The Sun
20/10/2014 Callum Potter G Globular Clusters - Galactic fossils
17/11/2014 Dr Mike Leggett G The Apollo Years
15/12/2014 Paul Money G Images of the Universe
21/01/2013 Mark Gibbons G Has Saturn eaten his own children?
18/03/2013 Professor Philippa Browning G Our Active Sun
20/05/2013 Bob Marriott G The Silver on Glass Revolution
15/07/2013 Gary Poyner G Historical Novae
19/08/2013 Dr Steve Barrett M The ABC of Stellar Evolution
16/09/2013 Mike Frost G Rainbows
21/10/2013 Sue Dipple M My Journey Through the Galaxy
18/11/2013 Bob Myzon G Ten Targets for Light Polluted Areas
23/12/2013 Andrew Lound G To see the beginning of Time
16/01/2012 Roger Pickard G Stellar Evolution (Part 1)
19/03/2012 Roger Dymock G Asteroids and Beyond - A Personal Journey
18/06/2012 Dr Nick Hewitt G Exploring the Shapes of Planetary Nebula
16/07/2012 Dr Martin Griffiths G Charles Messier & his Objects
20/08/2012 Rob Dipple M Basic Image Processing
17/09/2012 Dr Steve Barrett M The Beginning of Everything
19/11/2012 Michael Morris G Webcam Imaging - Equipment & Capture
17/01/2011 Rob Januszewski M Variable Star Observing
21/02/2011 Sheridan Williams G Fascinating Facts about Solar Eclipses
21/03/2011 Geoff Mansfield G The Antikythera Device
20/06/2011 Rob Januszewski M 35 Years an Astronomer
18/07/2011 Guy Hurst G Comets - Visitors to the Solar System
15/08/2011 Michael Morris G Observing the Planets
19/09/2011 Nik Szymanek G Photographing the Night Sky
21/11/2011 William Edmondson G How to Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
15/02/2010 Martyn Filsak G Aurora in the UK
17/05/2010 Dr Mike Leggett G Pluto & The Outer Solar System
21/06/2010 Chris Baddiley G Light Pollution and the Blight of Stray Light
16/08/2010 Dr Steve Barrett M Two for one! 'The Great Moon Hoax' and 'The Astrophotographers 'Tracker'
20/09/2010 Chris Livingstone G Beneath Southern Skies
15/11/2010 Nick Hart G A Handful of Stars
16/02/2009 Gary Poyner G Variable Stars - how and why they vary
18/05/2009 Dr Nick Hewitt G Deep Sky Observing Projects
15/06/2009 Roger Pickard G Making & recording Observations
17/08/2009 Ann Bonell G Ladies of the Night
20/09/2009 Paul Edwards G How I discovered the 9th Planet
16/11/2009 Mike Frost G ?
21/12/2009 Andrew Lound G Uranus - George's Planet
17/11/2008 Alan Wells G The Moon
15/12/2008 John Dee G Planetary Imaging
G/M - G - Guest Speaker, M - Society Member.
Status - C - Cancelled, V - Virtual