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Each year the society try to attend local events in order to publicise ourselves and astronomy in general.

Over the years we have given many talks to local schools, U3A and  scout troops including Beavers, Brownies, Cubs and Guides, as well as putting on displays at other local attractions including ‘The Artrix Theater’ and ‘Avoncroft Museum’

In addition to the images and summaries below full details of our activities can be found in the following reports.

Society events – a full list of all of the societies activities.

Society talks

Society outreach


Friday 9th December 2016 – Inter-Society Christmas Quiz

As part of a regular tradition Bromsgrove Astronomical Society host an inter-society Christmas Quiz each year inviting neighbouring astro groups to a healthy challenge of knowledge and have a few good laughs.   Congratulations to Carolian Astronomical Society on winning our 7th Annual Inter-Society Quiz.

Saturday 3rd December 2016 – Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum held it’s traditional Candlelit Christmas evening and was kind enough to invite BAS. Visitors seized a glimpse of the orion nebula during clear skies and were happy to talk about their experiences and ask questions.

Wednesday 5th October 2016 – The Hive

The Hive, Worcester held a space evening and invited Bromsgrove Astronomical Society to exhibit and bring telescopes to provide a glimpse of some celestial objects.   The weather was favourable and lots of excited children and adults enjoyed some spectacular views of our moon from the balcony.




Friday 2nd September 2016 – Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum invited Bromsgrove Astronomical Society to attend their outdoor showing of ‘Mars’ and educate visitors on all things astronomical.  A great opportunity to promote the hobby and our society.


Saturday 25th June 2016 – Avoncroft Museum

Bromsgrove Astronomical Society were invited to camp out under the stars with Avoncroft Museum.  Visitors had an opportunity to look through member telescopes with lots of interest in the hobby and the society.




Saturday 16th January 2016 – Bromsgrove Library

Bromsgrove Astronomical Society welcomed visitors to Bromsgrove Library to provide some tips on stargazing and answer questions regarding the hobby.



January 2014 – BBC Stargazing

To tie in with the BBC Stargazing Live 2014 event, the Society held it’s Open Evening on Mon 13th Jan.   Despite the cloudy skies, over 50 visitors attended the event to look through club scopes and view the wonderful presentation displays on a variety of interesting topics ranging from Deep Sky Photography to Space Weather and Visual Observing.   Many thanks to all the members that came to support the event from setting up to answering questions from visitors.




December 2013 – Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove held it’s Traditional Candlelit Christmas Evening on Sat 7th Dec and was kind enough to invite Bromsgrove Astronomical Society.   This promotional event was very well received with lots of interest.   Despite some lengthy cloudy spells there were some breaks in the cloud cover providing some lucky visitors with eyepiece views of Jupiter, the Orion Nebula and the Pleiades.


September 2013 – Leicester National Space Centre

The society club visit for 2013 was to the Leicester National Space Centre.   A superb club turn out and lots of fun for members, family and friends.


November 2012 – Bromsgrove Market

BAS set up in Bromsgrove high street farmers market to promote the Dark Skies initiative and educate the public regarding issues that arise from light pollution.



October 2012 – Open Night

The Bromsgrove Astronomical Society open night on Mon 15th October was a huge success, a big thank you to everyone that came along and we hope we inspired you to take a look up and dust off that long forgotten telescope!


February 2012 – Hands On Workshop

On Saturday 25th February BAS presented a hands-on workshop explaining the basics of Astronomy including presentations on ‘Stars and Pixels – a beginners guide to viewing and photographing the night sky’ and ‘The Scale of the Solar System’ to the Artrix theatre in Bromsgrove.

Members were on hand to demonstrate the use of optical instruments and cameras, and to answer visitor questions.
The club received positive feedback so thanks to all members that came along to support the event.



January 2012 – Stargazing At The Rugby Club

Following Guest Speaker Roger Pickard’s excellent presentation entitled “Stellar Evolution” on Jan 16th, members took advantage of the continuing clear skies to setup scope’s at the Rugby Club for an observing session.  Members had the opportunity to use the club’s Skywatcher Skyliner 300P FlexTube AUTO Dobsonian and guests had a perfect opportunity to catch seasoned members in the field (literally!) to ask questions and observe clusters, nebulae and some of the planets.



December 2011 – Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove held it’s Traditional Candlelit Christmas Evening on Sat 3rd Dec and was kind enough to invite Bromsgrove Astronomical Society.   This promotional event was very well received with lots of interest.   As visitors learnt of the opportunity to look at the moon and Jupiter through members telescopes (kindly loaned by Charles and Chris) more visitors seized a glimpse and were happy to talk about their experiences and ask questions.


Some visitors even took some of their very own astro images via the eyepiece (afocal astrophotography) and were very impressed with the results (sample below taken with a Fujifilm digital camera at the eyepiece of the Celestron 6″ Reflector).


Paul and Chris handed out leaflets to those interested in joining the club and the buzz generated will probably bring some neglected scopes out of storage.

Overall a fantastic event which was mainly clear skies until thicker clouds rolled in toward the latter part of the evening.

August 2011 – Avoncroft Museum

A two day promotional event amidst the Historic Buildings of Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove.  BAS members were dressed for the weekend theme – The Victorian Age.

Visitors to the museum took some time to explore the display and ask questions.   A few scopes were on display for the public to examine and members were on hand both days to answer any astronomical questions.


Rob and Charles line up a scope at a height suitable for children to observe a sign some distance away.



Charles discussing astronomy with a visitor to the display.

Thanks to the members that came to support the weekend event.

May 2011 – Stoke Parish Fete

This was a one day event held on the recreation ground opposite the Hanbury Turn pub in Redditch Road, Stoke Heath.

During the course of the day several members turned up to lend a hand. Thanks to all who attended. Interest fluctuated but overall we had a good day.


Jeff looks overdressed, Sue and Steve take an interest in Charles’s Solar Scope. Meanwhile Rob, our chairman, gets on with the job of talking to visitors.


Rob J and Rob D  discuss the making of my ( Rob D )  Dobsonian mount.

August 2011 – Bromsgrove Street Theatre

Charles and George put up a small display during the Street Theatre in Bromsgrove.